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3000 visionaries for the web TV and the premises of

Together, we will impact millions of hearts

Together Heading to web TV… Richard Chris Jingle

For many years, the project of creating a web TV has burn in on our hearts. We would like to offer you programs, reports, interviews and many other programs for the whole family to encourage and bless as many hearts as possible. To reach our goal, we need 3000 visionaries who commit themselves to give 30 €/month for at least 1 year.

165 visionaries on 3000
Days remaining

Payment security is provided by Crédit Mutuel Monetico.

Our goal is to bring together 3000 visionaries who give € 30 per month or more.

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Fourteen years ago, the Lord gave us the promise that we would work in a Christian revival centre that would impact millions of hearts through the media.

4 years later, we created the website

Since 2010, we have continued to increase our presence on the internet and social networks. We have also developed a mobile application.

Since 2016, we have been implementing concrete actions in favour of underprivileged people, orphans, homeless people ?

Today has :

  • More than 100 000 visitors every month on the website
  • A phone application downloaded more than 60 000 times.
  • Close to 548 000 subscribers on Facebook
  • Close to 100 000 followers on Instagram
  • An active presence on Twitter
  • Thousands of hearts touched and encouraged every day.


But we know that God’s promise is not fully accomplished! This is why we want to go even further by creating a web TV.




We live in an ultra-connected world. We must continue investing in the field of the Internet in order to seek and encourage hearts wherever they are. By offering a rich programming of shows, inspiring reports, lifestyle videos, teachings, and many other programs for the whole family, we will bless and encourage even more hearts every day!

For many years, television remained the preferred media, but since 2019, things are likely to have changed. The use of the internet and the smartphone has meant that internet consumption now exceeds that of television. 

Given these amazing changes, we are convinced that AdoreDieu must invest in WEB TV, it’s the media of the future! It is an important step towards what will be the norm tomorrow.

About 15 programs are planned. They will deal with themes such as the couple, the family, the Christian life, youth…

Together, we can impact millions of hearts…

  • Flora , France

    Thank you for this message that gave me hope because I’m going through difficult times. Thank you very much for these encouragements, may God bless you.

  • Korélie , Haïti

    Hello ! Your page is very interesting, especially for those who do not yet know God, and also a strengthening of faith for those who have decided to believe in God.

  • Jonathan , Luxembourg

    I am blessed and strengthened every time I read the messages on this page. Thank you !

  • Florence , France

    I bless the name of the Lord and the lives of those to whom he has given this initiative. I feel like I’m in a new community. I give thanks to God for AdoreDieu.

  • Brenda , Usa

    God bless you for this article. It is really encouraging ! May the Holy Spirit continue to use you powerfully!

  • Carine , Canada

    I love your page, it gives me hope in the face of the suffering I suffer. Would you have any books to advise me? I would be happy if you could pray for me too. Thank you so much. – Carine

  • Sylvie , Suisse

    Hello to all the team, I just read your comment on the verse of Romans 8.28: “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, …” It really edified me, I thank you for it. Thank you and have a great day! 

  • Patrick , Cameroun

    Shalom, I’m delighted to have joined your page. I believe that the Lord will use this platform to bless me. Stay blessed.

  • Martial , Algérie

    I really like the work you do! May God give you more and more inspiration to continue.

  • Thierry , Espagne

    Hello and thank you for all your valuable publications on your facebook page? God bless you

  • Levy , Israel

    Thank you for these messages that strengthen me every day. God bless you.

  • Sara , Ethiopie

    Hello, I want to thank you and thank God for using you to talk to me daily. The verses of the day, the teachings … everything speaks to me day after day. CONTINUE, a big thank you!

  • Nadège , Australie

    Shalom, I just want to say thank you for your publications that are edifying me and at the same time we are getting to know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ better. May the Lord bless the entire team of Adore God. Thanks again.

  • Cyrille , Italie

    Thank you very much for your quotes, my day is blessed !



Currently, we are all volunteers and work from home. We believe that now is the time to buy our premises to launch our web TV and thus take AdoreDieu to a new dimension.

In order to reach the goal, we will need 3000 visionaries on our side that support also the vision with 30 euros per month at least during a year. If you have in your heart to give less it’s all possible.

Your support will enable us to launch web TV, acquire our premises, furnish them and finance several full-time employees. And also, to work on the dreams that God has put on our heart…



We feel that the time has come for us to have dedicated premises and team members working at full time, for the vision  (Web TV AdoreDieu) that the Lord gave us may be fully fulfilled. We are completely aware that on our own, we’ll never get there. We ask you because together we can impact the French-speaking world!



What will we have in our premises ?

A recording studio : We are working on lots of program themes that will be source of blessing for the daily life of our followers.

Our offices : We will be able to develop this way more our website, to provide a space where our team can work together in a good environment in order to give the best concerning medias. 

 A coworking space  : We want to help Christians who want to lunch their business and encourage them to conquer this territory !


Trainings : We will be able to have trainings in various areas : biblical trainings, or on practical themes like marriage, discipleship, family, and media trainings (Photoshop, how to create websites…)

AdoreDieu is also doing something in Madagascar : We have also members of our team in Madagascar that are very active in evangelism, that organize worship nights, prayers nights…Concerning humanitarian actions, they are doing a lot for disadvantaged people (orphans, homeless people.)

Worship nights – Seminaries : Since 2017, AdoreDieu started worship nights called « Passion for Jesus » in the Parisian region, other cities of France, London and Madagascar. The idea is to keep doing worship nights in our future premises.

We have a desire to develop this activities…


Together, let’s invest in a WEB TV!  

We are currently working on a web TV that we will feed thanks to the resources of our team members and partners. Our goal is to build, teach and encourage our web users. 


We would also like to develop these projects… We have created an evangelistic website with the aim of making the Gospel known to as many hearts as possible. The site is currently in French and English (, it will soon be translated into several languages. This is the evangelistic website for English-speaking countries. : we organize worship nights and we want to move towards conferences in order to raise a passionate generation of Jesus : As the Lord commanded us, our desire is to make disciples of all nations. We created a school where we give keys to the people who would like to go further with the Lord.  We are currently working to set up online Bible courses. : our desire is to see a generation of contractors arise, it will be a great blessing for the progress of the Kingdom of God.

We walk along with the contractors, we train and give them advice.

 Love in action : We also have members of our team in Madagascar who help especially with disadvantaged people (orphans and homeless people)



Lots of projects are still growing in our heart…




Shared Offices: The dimension of the Body of Christ is important to us. We want to give the possibility to other Christian works to develop by putting at their disposal offices within our premises.



 We need you to enter into this new season ! Are you ready to overcome this challenge with us?! We need 2000 partnerships in order to work on and fulfill the vision that God has put on our hearts.Together, we can do great things and see millions of hearts being touched and encouraged by the Lord.

God bless you ! has been created  by Helene and Chrsitian Kinanga ten years ago. Today, the asssociation Rev’Impact ,which administers the website, includes several team members (graphic designers, developers, webmasters…), as well as many volonteers who bring their talents to the service of the Lord. The vision we received from the Lord consists in affecting the medias through the Gospel. We are located in the Paris area.

Your donations will help us to  achieve the different  projects placed by the Lord in our hearts.
The security of payments is processed through the Crédit Mutuel Monetico.

La sécurité des paiements est assurée par le Crédit Mutuel Monetico.

Should the number of partners fail to meet with our expectations, then the donations campaign may be be extended.

Faith confession


We believe in:

One and only God, creator of all things, in the unity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


The divinity of Jesus-Christ :


  • His birth from a virgin
  • His death fully sufficient and essential for our sins
  • His resurrection 
  • His legitimate authority over the whole world
  • His soon return in power and glory



The whole Bible, as the inspired word of God and the unfailing regulation for our faith and our conduct.

The covenant that God made with Abraham and that it is still relevant today with Israël, the chosen people of God.

The need for personal salvation for each sinner and lost one, and the need of a regenerative work of the Holy Spirit that leads to the healing of the whole being.

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Together, we can impact millions of hearts…

Christian Kinanga
Fondateur d'

We founded the Website 10 years ago, with the aim of encouraging and building people of God. We can go even further! In our future premises, we wish to organize trainings, conferences, praise and worship evenings, programs …

Richard Mbome
President of the association Rev'Impact

President of the association Rev’Impact who manages the Website, I am convinced that having our premises will help us to put in place new projects that we have in store for you, such as TV programs, videos, trainings session…

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